• Kanika Virmani

Genuine Four Websites for Information on Corona Virus Pandemic

There are many news and articles published all over the internet and other media spreading false information on coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to gather more views on their site. In this blog, I am going to list four genuine website along with their links from which you will get first hand updated information on corona virus.

1. World Health Organisation (WHO)

One of the websites, in terms of reliable information, is WHO. The site gets updated regularly. WHO provides comprehensive guidance, including information on coronavirus and also about how to reduce the risk of spreading or contracting this deadly virus. WHO warns about many myths and scams that are spreading online. Criminals have been taking advantage due to the spread of this covid virus and stealing money and other confidential information. So, WHO alert people that if they are contacted by an organisation or a person claiming to be from the organisation, they must take steps to confirm their authenticity.

There is also a "myth-buster" section on the site debunking several unsubstantiated myths that have been circulating online. For instance, eating a clove of garlic or taking a hot bath may prevent the infection, cold weather can kill the virus, or that mosquitoes can spread the coronavirus. Hence, there is no such evidence for any of these claims.


This website is an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data. The site provides a regularly updated view of publicly available data with powerful analytics and infographics that displays pathogen evolution and epidemic spread. They aim to support epidemiological understanding and improve the outbreak response.

Nextstrains aims to offer a real-time photo of evolving pathogen populations and interactive data visualisations to epidemiologists, virologists, community scientists, public health officials and to the general public. Through interactive data visualisations, we intend to allow exploration of continually up-to-date datasets and providing the scientific and public health communities with a novel surveillance tool.

3. Channel News Asia - Infographic on Health

Channel News Asia is an English language news channel in Singapore. CNA has developed a map that displays a live count of people who are infected by the novel coronavirus. The infographic keeps a track on the coronavirus outbreak worldwide that too in real-time. Zoom out for a big global picture, and you will have a clear update on how many people are infected, recovered or died due to corona Wvirus globally.


Worldometer is run by an international team of researchers, developers, and volunteers who aim to make world statistics accessible to a broad audience around the world in a thought-provoking and time-relevant format. Recently, the website added a new section, particularly for the novel coronavirus. It is an excellent dashboard-like website that offers data visualisation, live statistics and updates on the coronavirus. The first three sets of statistics it tracks are the number of cases, deaths and the recoveries.

If you are keen to know about the latest world updates about COVID-19, click on the above links to know more information on it.


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