• Kanika Virmani

COVID-19: Things you can do during home quarantine.

Doesn’t COVID-19 lockdown worldwide feel like straight out of a science-thriller movie? Sadly, such a situation like a movie has turned out to be a reality today! There are many things which you can do during the lockdown period when the world is fighting against coronavirus (Covid-19). This virus has infected over three lakhs and taken lives of around 8000 plus people globally. This infection continues to create havoc all around the world, disrupting day to day life.

People like me who love to stay in isolation is not challenging to get home quarantined for a few weeks. Whereas, those who like to attend social gatherings, parties, it’s a difficult time for them to adjust to this situation. As the government agencies issued advisory insisting the employees to work from home, there are many other businesses which are completely shut down.

So, the question comes, what they can do to make the best use of their free time. Well, here are the things you can try doing during your lockdown period:

1. Focus on your fitness:

As the world is lockdown due to COVID-19 viral infection, this is the best time to focus on having a healthy body and a positive mind. No matter how bad coronavirus is, don’t let negative thoughts affect you. Don’t have any space for negativity in your mind. You must take control of your mind and keep happiness as your objective. Having a positive attitude towards your mind will help you to stay happy and calm. If you have a healthy mind, you will automatically focus on a healthy body. No need to worry about the fitness centres been shut. You can do exercise anytime, anywhere.

You can start the practice by home workouts in the form of yoga, meditation and exercise. Taking such steps would boost your positivity. Utilize this opportunity to have a better body, mind, and life.

2. Invest time in reading:

You must use this time prudently and invest time in reading. You will in no way regret the time spent on reading, as this is something that will stay with you, throughout. If you are already a passionate reader, you will understand and agree with what I mean to say here. If you want to start reading, you can begin reading the newspaper if it is available; otherwise, you can opt for an online journal. Stay updated on what’s happening in the world and shift gradually to other fields of your interest.

3. Pursue your hobbies:

With the ample of time available, this is the best opportunity to pick your favourite hobbies. Go on to recall your favourite hobbies during your childhood time. Analyze your artistic side and try out all the creative activities you could and start your art therapy. Use any form of art to express your emotions. Painting, cooking, drawing gardening, singing, or dancing will not only help you feel better but will keep you stress-free during hard times. Keep your creativity alive by indulging in your favourite hobbies.

4. Rediscover yourself:

When was the last time you sat and think about yourself in this fast-moving world? I guess it might be longer than you remember. This is the best time to pay some attention to yourself. As the world has slowed down, so should you. We are frequently changing and growing based on our life experiences. In some aspects, we become stronger, and in some, we realize we are weak. So, take this opportunity to analyze and work on your weakness. It’s simple. All you have to do is take a pen and note down the things you are good at and the things you need to work on. Analyze and make a note on how you can continue to work on your weaknesses. This will help you how to manage a situation like a pro and will also play a vital role in how you can accomplish your goals.

5. Take a break:

From the hectic life schedule and busy lives, we all desire to take a break and relax - a break from everything, from the routine, the job, and the demands of life. With the ongoing pandemic, there is stress, panic, and anxiety all around us. It is time to relax now! As we have to maintain social distancing and to stay quarantined at home, it is the best place to relax. Home, our sweet home! Nothing can be a better place in the world to relax and take rest other than home. Halt all your daily responsibilities and do something that makes you relax and happy. Watch your favourite movie or play your favourite online card game to make the most of your break.

The Earth has officially called for a lockdown which has created havoc in the world. As the world is going through a tough time, but don’t forget to remain optimistic and hope for better days to come. We all are united in this medical crisis, and we will defeat this pandemic soon. To know more about the real time status of people being getting infected globally, click here.


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